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The 信息技术 服务 Department provides technology systems and services that support departments and programs at Bellin College. The IT 服务 Help Desk is the single point of contact for questions and problems relating to technology. Help Desk staff can answer questions about software, reset your password, and more.


参考贝林大学指南:手册 & 以下政策目录:

  • 可接受的技术使用
  • 电子邮件
  • 在线验证


All students are provided with an email address, network login, and storage space on college servers. Use your network login information and your badge to access computers, 打印机, 电脑资料室和图书馆里有复印机.




A default username and email account is created for students during the registration process so that you can access various resources during orientation.

  • 用户名:名字.姓
  • 电子邮件地址:名字.姓


Use the Office 365 password reset to reset your password when you have access to your account and need to change it.

Office 365密码重置指南

重置Office 365密码

Use the password self service tool to get back into your account and reset your password if you forgot your password or got locked out of your account.



Bellin College requires the use of complex passwords to comply with security standards. When you reset your Bellin password it should meet the following requirements:

  1. 长度必须至少为8个字符
  2. 不包含您的帐户或全名
  3. Must contain at least three of the following four character groups:
  • 英文大写字符(A到Z)
  • 小写英文字符(a到z)
  • 数字(0 ~ 9)
  • 非字母字符(如 !, $, #, %)

College email may by synchronized to mobile devices with the following info:

  • 邮件类型:Microsoft Exchange
  • 电子邮件地址:名字.姓
  • 邮件服务器
  • 域:bcon
  • 密码:与网络帐号相同

移动电子邮件同步指南- iPhone

移动电子邮件同步指南- Android

软件 & 工具


Every course students enroll in at Bellin College is associated with an online course environment on Canvas, 我们的学习管理系统. Canvas is used for numerous student tasks such as submitting assignments, 合作网络, 参加测验和考试, 联系导师, 复习课程材料,包括教学大纲和课程表. Courses on Canvas become available to students during the week prior to the start of a term for the purpose of course preparations, 这一周我们称之为零周. Students can access Canvas through a standard web browser or by using the Canvas App available on 谷歌玩 和 应用程序商店.




MyBC is the Student Information System where accounts and personal information reside. 学生使用MyBC查看课程表, 计费, 金融援助, 最终课程成绩, 以及非官方的成绩单.


Microsoft Office ProPlus

All submitted coursework must be created using Microsoft Office programs unless otherwise stated by the course faculty member. Microsoft Office ProPlus 2016 is available for free to all students for the duration of their enrollment at Bellin College. 使用上面的链接下载软件. Login with a full Bellin College email address and network password.

Microsoft Office安装指南

Office ProPlus登录页面

学生可以用自己的设备打印, 并从明升体育app下载的印刷商那里找到这些工作.   Just log in using the below link and select web print from the options on the left to submit a job.



Web browser software is required for accessing tools and resources required by courses at the college. 大多数电脑默认都有网络浏览器. We recommend that students install a second web browser on their computer and alternate between them if issues arise with their preferred browser.



PDF (Portable Document Format) Reader software is required for viewing and printing documents in PDF format.



通过虚拟机软件, students are allowed to remote into a Bellin College computer and access the S: drive 和ir H: drive. 

*Note: You are not allowed to add personal 打印机 while using the Remote Desktop. The 打印机 that are installed on the VMWare system are the local Bellin College Student Printers.*




Guest wireless access is available in all areas of the Bellin College Campus.    连接到您的无线设备上的Bellin Guest网络.

印刷 & 复制
印刷 and copying is provided to students in the library and computer resource room at 5 cents per page (8 cents color). Student badges are preloaded with an allotment of free printing money based on their academic program. Students can add money to their account through 学生服务 in the One Stop area.

最低技术技能 & 需求

Students are responsible for participating fully in scheduled course activities regardless of any technology issues they might experience or lack of basic computer skills necessary to carry out tasks.   以下是技术技能 & requirements students need in order to succeed in their coursework at Bellin College:

硬件 & 设备

  • Access to a reliable computer and Internet connection throughout the course.
  • 推荐最小规格:
    • 笔记本电脑*
        • 4gb内存
        • 256gb硬盘
        • 二核处理器

      *Chromebooks and Netbooks are not compatible with all BC applications

  • Device with ability to record audio/video (Smart phone, laptop with webcam, or external microphone & 桌面电脑的网络摄像头配件.

联系 the library at 433-6659 for a current list of devices available for student checkout.

准备 & 技能

  • 技术故障时的备用计划.
  • 具备基本的电脑操作能力,如打字、复印 & 粘贴,保存和定位文件.
  • 能够创建和编辑Microsoft Office格式的文件.
  • 能够使用带有附件的电子邮件进行沟通. Note: Students and faculty are required to use their official Bellin College account for all email communication – conversations via personal email endanger student privacy rights and are not permitted.
  • Ability to use an Internet Browser to locate specific websites and perform basic searching.
  • 能够使用Canvas访问和浏览课程内容, 上传文件, 参与论坛讨论, 创建和响应Canvas电子邮件消息, 完成测验和考试等评估.
  • Students may be required to purchase course or program specific software to participate in major course activities.